Countless business owners, executives, managers, and employees have dangerously poor labour relations knowledge. This causes serious issues. And, the snowball effect of not effectively dealing with issues spirals out of control.

We have also had the pleasure of empowering these same managers. Helping them to better apply the regulations to their businesses. Understanding and abiding by the regulations, and mastering the regulations. Using their knowledge to run and build good businesses with great labour forces.


The bottom line is that it really isn’t difficult. This starter kit is here to show you how.

This labour relations starter kit should help you:

  • Get a better understanding of the good spirit of South African labour regulations
  • Implement a comprehensive set of contracts, policies and procedures in your business
  • Empower your staff to work effectively and correctly engage with management
  • Fairly resolve staff issues across poor performance, incapacity due to ill health and misconducts
  • Save significant costs and potential penalties involved in getting it wrong and facing the CCMA

Putting in the effort up front will help you avoid time-consuming and costly managerial errors.

Get access now!
Save on legal fees and potential penalties by using the Labour Partner starter kit

At a macro level, the toolkit comprises four parts – two general information sections and two main toolkit sections:

  • LABOUR LAW OVERVIEW: understanding the basics of the Acts and concepts governing SA labour regulations
  • PROACTIVE CONCEPTS AND TOOLS: the tools needed to set basic expectations, ground rules and processes
  • REACTIVE CONCEPTS AND TOOLS: the tools and processes used to deal fairly and effectively with issues. We cover poor performance, incapacity due to ill health and misconduct
  • ESCALATIONS / REFERRALS: the role of the CCMA, bargaining councils and Labour Court. We detail the CCMA referral process, with guidelines and tips

Call an Attorney when you really need them. Until then, use the Labour Partner labour relations starter kit to handle your everyday IR needs. At a fraction of the price!