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We are not a legal firm and provide the toolkit on an as is basis as an education tool.

We can refer you onto “friends of” who are law firms and can help you with bespoke needs and particular issues and situations. Please Contact Us to log your query and we will pass it onto our friends who will independently assist you. We take no responsibility and offer no warranties for the service or expertise you will receive. We simply aim to be helpful by referring you onto qualified attorneys that work with small and medium enterprises on labour related matters. Vet and engage with these parties on your own terms and at your own risk.

Please hop on over to the Navigator to see what is contained at a high level. Access to content is for members, on payment, only.

The toolkit covers the core concepts and philosophies of the Labour Relations Act. It contains both the proactive tools you should implement to avoid issues (policies, procedures, contract terms, education of staff, etc) as well as the processes of identifying issues and the relevant processes to follow. The toolkit will provide you with a good foundation of knowledge on these areas and, hopefully, empower you to deal with most typical, general issues. For complex or high profile cases, it is always recommended that you consult experts in the field to get specific guidance on the case in question.

The toolkit covers the core concepts and philosophies of the Labour Relations Act. It will help you understand best practices in how your employer should (have) handled your relationship, issues and / or a termination. However, the toolkit is holistic and less about dealing with specific and nuanced issues like “they withheld my last months commission – what do I do?”. This depends on so many factors. Refer the matter to the CCMA. Its free and it was commissioned to help employees that have suffered wrong doing by bug, naughty corporations. You dont have to wait until you are unfairly dismissed to lodge a grievance with your company for unfair labour practice and / or a referral to the CCMA for the same. The CCMA is there to help you.

OF COURSE! And then some. This toolkit codifies years of learnings and best practice in managing labour relations effectively within a company. Settlements and awards at the CCMA can range from one months salary to 12 and beyond – typically falling around 3 months salary. If this toolkit can save you just one settled or lost CCMA case, then you have made your money back! Let alone the black hole of time that labour relations issues and CCMA referrals can cost your senior managers if you dont manage your IR correctly. is all about that. Spend money on attorneys when you really need them. Until then, has you covered!

Yes – and more. We include a Permanent and Temporary Employment Contract template that you can tailor. We provide a standard set of commonly used policies and procedures (including Disciplinary Code and Grievance Procedure). We also provide templates, checklists and run sheets for things like documenting informal counseling sessions, running disciplinary inquiries and holding poor performance and incapacity inquiries.

Yes. Abuse of sick leave is very common. We have a section on Abuse of Sick Leave.

A combination of Labour Law experts / attorneys and non-expert real-life people managers – with years of labour relations experience. Whether it be proactive ways to avoid issues in managing large numbers of staff or reactive processes to deal with issues that arise – we have seen a ton. We leverage our ongoing experience and our network to provide you with a simple and effective toolkit for labour relations best practice.