Navigator: Domestic Worker Starter Kit

The Navigator allows the user to quickly access the main sections of the toolkit. Within the main sections are detailed guidelines and procedures; downloadable templates, policies and checklists; tips and commonly experienced pitfalls.

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Overview of the Acts
Brief overview of the Acts governing Employers and Employee relations in South Africa
Proactive Labour Relations
The spirit and guiding principles of proactive labour relations
Domestic Worker 101
Getting off on the right foot - the contract and responsibilities

A good domestic worker contract encompasses all the salient terms of employment. Hence, you would not need the intricate set of policies and procedures typically found in business environments.

NOTE: The content herein is the same as in the Business Starter Kit. The same principles apply. When going through these sections, have in mind that this is more comprehensive and complex than what would generally be needed for lower grade employees. The principles, however, are the same. If you apply the same rigor, you will have a fair and reasonable process and shouldn’t have any undesirable fallout or issues.

Reactive Philosophy
The spirit and guiding principles of effectively remedying labour relations issues
Incapacity due to Poor Work Performance
Setting fair standards, dealing with poor work performance
Misconduct and Disciplinary Procedures
The most common and frequent IR challenges